Terms and Definitions

Asexual An individual lacking sexual attraction and/or romantic feelings towards both sexes.

BBW Abriviation for Big Beautifull Women

BearA gay man that generally has one or more of the following traits; a hairy chest and body, a beard, wide shoulders, husky build, beefy, more masculine. The exact definition of what a bear look like varies from person to person. A defining quality of a bear is that they do not fit into contemporary gay culture, or the stereotypical gay image.

Bear Code A code system that describes a bears stats.Bear Code

Behr A big guy who can't grow a beard, or just doesn't grow one, but has a mustache.

BHM Abriviation for Big Hanson Men

Big Bear A chubby bear/a hairy chub (fat man).

Bisexual or Bi A man or woman that has sexual and/or romantic feelings towards both sexes.

Bondage (BD) Restraining or being restrained in a sexual act.

Breeders A derogatory term used to describe heterosexuals.

Bulk (i.e. bulky, husky, heavy etc.) Often used in place of chub.

Butch Distinct masculine pronunciation. (1)A lesbian that enjoys looking and dressing like a male. Ain't fussy about hair, usually has it cropped, might not shave her legs, doesn't like make up, ain't into dresses.
(2)Traditionally  masculine gay men. Bears are often described as butch, and butches occasionally as bears.

Cherophobia Fear of gaiety.

Chicken Hawk An older guy that goes after a young guy.

Chubby Chaser Or Just Chaser. A gay man that finds big bears or chubbies attractive.

Chub/Chubbies A chubby or overweight gay man.

Chub Envy: When someone is obsessed with wanting chub, either on themselves or partner.

Coming Out(1) The process of telling people that you are gay/bi/les/queer. (2) The process of accepting one's sexuality.

Corpse  Nasty old men that hit on young guys.

Commitment CeremonyA ceremony where two partners come together and commit themselves to one another for life publicly. This ceremony is equivilant to a marriage ceremony.

Cub A younger bear, usually lacking a beard/full beard, may be shorter or smooth and/or lack other bear elements. Also refers to a younger bear that may be lacking experience and/or submissive.

Encourager Likes to plump up his man.

FA Abriviation for  Fat Admieres

Gainer  Someone who gains weight, and/or wants to gain more weight because he finds it sexual appealing.

Grizzly Bear A hairy, well proportioned husky bear of a man.

Daddy An older or more mature gay man who goes for a younger or less mature partner and/or is domineering. The bear equivalent is Daddy Bear.

Denim SceneOften associated with the leather scene. Those who are part of the denim scene like to wear denim jeans, shirts and jackets over anything else, or at least when possible. They might also wear leather with their denim.

Drag Show A drag queen who performs a song and dance and/or karaoke show.

Drag Queen A man that dresses up as a woman, and/or performs drag shows.

Dyke Slang for lesbian.

Fag Slang term for a gay man that is generally (but not always) meant in a derogatory manner. Other rarely used meanings are in the dic. Note: the root word faggot - bundles of sticks used in burning people at the stake.

Fag Hag A woman that hangs around gay men, and may want to try converting or sedusing them.

Gay/Homosexual Refers to gay men, but can also be used to refer to anyone queer. A gay man being: A man that is sexually attracted and/or has romantic feelings towards other men.

GaydarThe ability to tell if other people are gay. This skill can be developed by anyone who spends time around gay people, and/or who watches lots of gay movies (porno's don't count).

Hanky Code A code system of different coloured hankies and other objects defining ones sexual interests.LINK N/A

Heterosexism(1) The believe that everyone is straight or heterosexual by default. (2) The belief that gender dictates sexual attraction and not that sexual orientation exists separately. (3) The belief that heterosexuality is the superior, or only true sexual orientation.

Heterosexual Being or a person who is attracted to the opposite sex. i.e. Straight.

Hermaphrodite An individual with both male and female sex organs or physical characteristics.

Hirsute A man that has excessive body hair to the point that it looks like a suit.

Homophobia Hate or fear of homosexuals and homosexuality.Homophobia

Homosexual-n. Being or attracted to the same sex.a.--Homosexuality Being or attracted to the same sex.

Leather Scene Those who take part in the leather community like to wear leather clothing and accessories, i.e. vests, jackets, pants, jock straps, britches, and stuff that looks like it came out of a Xena, Hercules, or Conan sex show.

Lesbian or Les A woman that is sexually attracted and/or has romantic feelings towards other women.

Lipstick Lesbian A lesbian that likes to dress up like a Barbie doll, or femininely i.e. make up, long hair, wears a dress.

Masturbation The self stimulation of ones sexual organs. It's a normal behavior that both men and women engage in and it is has no harmful side effects. You can not go blind or get hairy palms from jerking off.Anything you ever wanted to know about masterbation. Male and Female

Otter A hairy gay man that's slender, a slender bear, a bear lacking a husky or stocky build while still retaining hairy bear features bear.

Out A term used to describe an individual that is openly gay/bi/les/queer.

Pansexual Encompassing of all sexual orientations. In addition, a way people might describe themselves as not being straight without saying they have a distinct sexual orientation.

PartnerA socially correct word to describe your lover, significant other, boyfriend or girlfriend on a public level. It is social correct for both gay and straight people to use this gender and sexual neutral term, as it eliminates differences between gay and straight couples.

Penis Envy (1) When a man is obsessed with wanting a larger penis , either on themselves or partner. (2) When a woman is obsessed with wanting a penis, or a larger penis on their partner. (3) Women thinking men are better just because of thier penis.

Polar Bear An older bear who has gone gray.

Queeny Used to describes a power hungry flamboyant bitch of a fag.

Queer Referring to homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, and transgendered persons.

Sadism-Masochism (S&M) Inflicting pain on others for sexual gratification (Sadism) and receiving pain or humiliation for sexual gratification (Masochism).

Sexual Orientation The direction to which ones sexual attractions are geared towards.

Significant OtherA socially correct way to describe your lover, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife on a public level. It is social correct for both gay and straight people to use this gender and sexual neutral term, as it eliminates differences between gay and straight couples.

Smurf A short gay man.

STD's Sexually Transmitted Diseases. These are diseases that can be transmitted through sexual contact (i.e. AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, etc.). Some have horrible life threatening effects that can't be cured. Others cause little problems at all. It is best to talk to your doctor or visit a men's or teen walk in health clinic if you have any concerns. Coalition for Positive Sexuality info on STD's

Sodomy   Anal or oral copulation, generally referring to anal intercourse.

Son Younger or less mature partner that goes after Daddies, and/or is submissive.

Straight Acting A famous gay classified add descriptor meaning that the gay person in question acts straight. Or rather simply does not act/appear blatantly gay or effeminate in speech or actions. This can mean hiding their sexual identify to the extremes of behavior alterations, and/or it can simply mean  they don't look like they fit into the "stereotypical effeminate gay image", and thus seem more straight than gay.

Transvestite A man (gay or straight) that enjoys dressing as a woman for pleasure, entertainment or because it makes him feel comfortable.

Transgendered/Transsexual Individuals (Heterosexual or homosexual) who feel more comfortable dressing up as the opposite sex and/or would rather be the opposite sex. These individuals occasionally have sex changes.

Twink  The stereotypical figure of a gay male who has a slim build, smooth, youthful, and stylish/trendy.

Ursine ur.sine \'*r-.si-n\ aj [L ursinus, fr. ursus bear - more at ARCTIC] : of, relating to, or resembling a bear or the bear family (Ursidae)

Ursophile A young smooth slender gay man that loves bears.

Wanabe Breeder A derogatory term for gay idividuals who lead a dual life with an opposite sex partner.

Woof A hot bear would be "woofy", you could woof at a hot bear. It can also be used like the term "you go girl" or "ohmigod".